just a little bit longer – extension on Batch-1 application deadline

Last Minute seating available

Today is Whit Monday in Germany – a lovely, sunny public Holiday. That also means, it is one day past the Batch-1 application deadline. Still, you will find the application form to be open. Why you ask? Because recent developments allow us to accept more learners than initially anticipated! This blog post will give you all the details you need.

When signing with our partner Zalando, we made sure to have a venue spacious enough to host up to twenty learners. Knowing, however, that at that point, we didn't have enough organisers to host that many. Through OpenTechSchool events and Hackership Batch-0 we've learned that the most efficient and best learning experience is achieved with a ratio of one coach per five learners. When opening applications, we knew we could host about eight people and hoped to find more coaches and organisers through spreading the word. Today, I can gladly tell you, we did! We succeeded in getting more coaches and organisers on board (we'll portrait them in another blog post), so that we can now bump up the number.

So, we decided that while we are still processing applications, we will also continue to accept new applications until all seats are taken. Latest Friday, June 13th 23:59 CET we will close the form though. Meaning the sooner your application goes in, the more likely we can accept it.

Side note: if you are uncertain about what you want to learn exactly or are afraid you aren't good enough, we've got two words for you: Just Apply! In our follow up conversations, we will figure out a reasonable scope, depending on your experience and goals. It would be sad if we'd miss out on having you in because of a lack of confidence. Make sure you apply, so we know you want in and we can help you figure out the rest!

And come to our final Taste Session tomorrow!

Thanks to Comrade Foot for publishing this great picture under Creative Commons.

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