Announcing Hackership batch-1 and our partnership with Zalando

Announcing Hackership batch-1

Listen up, cause we’ve got some pretty exciting news!

After months of hard work and careful preparation we are finally ready to announce the first official batch of Hackership, which will take place from early July till end September. That’s right, a full 12 weeks of hacking and learning. A special thanks goes out to Zalando who have kindly agreed to host us at their Technology headquarters!

And there’s more: This batch we will focus on web-based multimedia, meaning that we will bring in experts in multimedia and organize a bunch of workshops around this topic.

But, that does not mean we won’t have space for learners focusing on other themes. Just like last time, Hackership batch-1 will provide learners with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of their chosen fields. We will provide you with coaches, relevant workshops, a daily structure (including standups) and give you access to people specializing in your topic.

So, our only question to you is: are you ready to start hacking?

If the answer is yes, then here’s your to-do list:

  1. Sign up for Hackership! Applications for Hackership batch-1 are open from now until June 8th. Learners can sign up here. Or, if you are an experienced programmer and would like to become a coach, please fill out this form here.

  2. Come to our special Taste of Hackership sessions to get an impression of what being a learner or coach at Hackership is all about. The sessions will also give you a chance to ask all your questions.

Of course, if you have any urgent questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our e-mail:

Thanks to Matt Katzenberger for making this gorgeous image available under Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0.

About the Authors

Anouk Ruhaak

Hackership Organiser. Economist turned freelance iOS developer. Former Hackership learner. Currently exploring web development with React and Twisted. Love discovering new fields and topics, which include functional programming, cryptography and security. anouk at Hackership dot org

Amélie Anglade

is Software Engineer at frestyl and Tech Ambassador of the Berlin Geekettes. For the OpenTechSchool she does public appearances, organises workshops (best known for python) and works at the long- and short-term strategies, such as the launch of Hackership. amelie at Hackership dot org