Building a work space in Costa Rica

What possessed us to decide to build a work space at the other side of the world?

Work on the Sky Studio has started!

Granted. It's certainly not the most obvious choice and it's definitely a lot more work than renting a resort, or finding a co-working space in a sunny city somewhere. In fact, we considered both options and then voted against them.

Let's start at the beginning. One of our main goals - always - is to create a safe and distraction free learning space. A space where you can forget about the day-to-day and instead focus on learning. And, after running three batches of Hackership, we have a pretty good idea of what works and what does not.

We know that a great space is one that allows you to focus intensely, but also encourages you to take a break. Real learning happens when you constantly push yourself slightly beyond your limit. But, then, shortly after, you need to give your mind time to consolidate all the new connections it made. In short: you need time to relax, or even nap.

Also, we're pretty sure you join Hackership not just to learn by yourself, but to interact with others as well. You come to explore new ideas with fellow learners, discuss programming problems with coaches and learn about new topics during workshops. A perfect space has room for that. Most options available to us did not.

So we decided to build our own! Together with our local partner, Silicon Beach, we are creating the Sky Studio. A huge work space on the second floor, overlooking the tropical rain forest on one side and the ocean on the other. It has a roof, but no walls, meaning fresh air flows in and out. Once done, it will have all the desired amenities like high speed wifi, desks, a lounge area, room for demo's and so on.

Work on the Sky Studio has started!

The Sky Studio will be located in Santa Teresa, known for it's gorgeous, lonesome beaches and tropical climate. So, we will have some pretty spectacular break activities at our disposal, like surfing, or yoga on the beach. And did you know you focus much better when you're surrounded by nature?

YES, we are super excited and convinced the combination of a great space, beautiful beaches and our talented coaches will make for an awesome experience!

Want to join our Costa Rica batch this fall? Great. Applications are open, so just fill out the form! If you have any questions about this or any other batch, just send us an email: Or, if you want to learn more about hackership you can do so at!

p.s. Follow us on twitter for the latest updates about the construction of the space: @hacker_ship!

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