Hackership on Tour: apply now!

Hackership on Tour

It's official, Hackership is going on tour! We will be escaping the Berlin cold this winter and host batch-2 of Hackership from a sunny beach. You can sign up right now!

What to expect

Make no mistake, despite all the sun and sand, this is not just a vacation. Instead, over the course of 9 weeks, learners will spend considerable time and effort towards becoming better developers.

If accepted, you, together with 20 other learners, will be working on your own project and setting your own learning goals. We will provide excellent coaches who will help you refine your goals, help you to figure out how to get unstuck and speed up your overall learning progress. In addition, we pride ourselves on our ability to create a safe learning space where learners help each other get better and, in the process, learn from each other. (Oh, and even though this is not a vacation, what better way to get unstuck then by taking a dive?)


Batch-2 will run for 9 weeks between mid-January and mid-March 2015.

At this moment the exact location is still a bit unclear. We are looking into Latin America, Southern Europe and South Asia and would love to get your input too. What we can promise right now is sunshine, beaches and rather cheap living costs.

Costs and grants

Applicants to Hackership Batch-2 are eligible for the ‘early bird’ tuition price of 1500 EUR. This money covers the costs of providing a suitable workspace for all learners, getting fantastic Hackers in Residence to the space to coach and support you, and the running and administration costs of the initiative. Split over 9 weeks, this works out at less than 170 EUR per week.

Apply now

We are also setting up a grants programme to support eligible learners with the tuition fees, accommodation, flight and living costs. These Grants will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis, so applying sooner rather than later can have a positive effect on your chances.

The application form will be closed Saturday, October 25th 2014, 23:59 Berlin-time and you'll receive word from us by November 1st.

If you would like to receive more information or have some burning questions that need answering, please reach out to our main organizer Charlotte: charlotte@hackership.org. Or, just send us your question using this form. Also check out the additional information on our website.

Hope to see you in the sun this winter!


The Hackership Team

Footnote: if you are uncertain about what you want to learn exactly or are afraid you aren't good enough, we've got two words for you: Just Apply! In our follow up conversations, we will figure out a reasonable scope, depending on your experience and goals. It would be sad if we'd miss out on having you in because of a lack of confidence. Make sure you apply, so we know you want in and we can help you figure out the rest!

Thanks to Michael Bumann for publishing this lovely picture under Creative Commons.

About the Authors

Anouk Ruhaak

Hackership Organiser. Economist turned freelance iOS developer. Former Hackership learner. Currently exploring web development with React and Twisted. Love discovering new fields and topics, which include functional programming, cryptography and security. anouk at Hackership dot org

Benjamin Kampmann

is freelance Software Developer and Product Creator. Aside from helping with the organisation of workshops and events, he is part of the strategic team and author of many of the blueprints. ben at Hackership dot org