Taste of Hackership is back - A chance to experience Hackership first hand

Get a taste of Hackership

Interested in attending Hackership as a learner or a coach but unsure whether it's your thing? Want to try it out first before committing to a full time programme? Then this is your chance.

Anyone wishing to become either a learner or a coach during Hackership batch-2 can start preparing right now! How, you ask? By coming to one (or all) of our Taste of Hackership sessions.

As the name suggests, Taste of Hackership is meant to give you an idea of what participating in Hackership would be like. In fact, the Taste of Hackership sessions will be just like Hackership. But instead of lasting a few months, the sessions will only take a few hours. So, if it is your goal to become a learner, bring your laptop and start hacking. Do you think you would make a great coach? Awesome, start coaching!

Now for the million-dollar question: what would you be working on? The annoyingly vague answer: it depends. We’ll have some taster exercises and material for you to try, but as we are about self-directed learning, best is if you bring something you are working on, or what you want to learn, to the session. You can even use the time to research and plan a bit your focus and goals for the full time programme, for your application form. We will be around to help you when needed and do our very best to answer all questions you may have.

For the coaches: your role will be to help our learners, whenever you can. The Taste sessions will be a great opportunity for you to find out if that’s something you enjoy doing.

Pretty darn exciting, right? Well, you’ll be even more excited to know that we’ll kick off real soon, namely in a few days! Here’s the schedule:

  1. Friday, October 31, 7:30 pm @ co-op

  2. Thursday, November 06, 7:30 pm @ co-op

  3. Monday, November 10, 7:30 pm @ co-op

Note: although we highly recommend you participate in at least one of these sessions, they are not a requirement for getting into Hackership.

Thanks to Renee Suen for making this delicious image available under Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0.

About the Authors

Anouk Ruhaak

Hackership Organiser. Economist turned freelance iOS developer. Former Hackership learner. Currently exploring web development with React and Twisted. Love discovering new fields and topics, which include functional programming, cryptography and security. anouk at Hackership dot org

Charlotte Hayne

Hackership Organiser. Experienced Teacher, Education Specialist and Social Justice Activist. Former Fundraising and Growth Consultant to NGOs and early stage (social) businesses. Passionate about learning, skiing, and real equality of opportunity. charlotte at hackership dot org