Hackership Destination Announced: Applications Reopen

Hackership Destination Announced: Applications Reopen

From January 12th – March 15th 2015, Hackership is going to Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

Thank you to all the ‘Earlybird’ applicants. The votes you cast decided our destination. We will be in touch with you shortly, by 1st November about your application.

Now that we have a set destination, we are reopening applications! If you want to spend 9 weeks taking your programming skills to the next level, we are accepting applications until Midnight GMT+1 on Wednesday 5th November 2015.

Make no mistake- this is not a holiday! Hackership is an intense hands-on learning experience and we will push you to get the most out of your time. With the support of our coaches, expect to set your own goals, study and build what is most relevant to your future and interests and learn more in nine weeks than you ever thought possible.

You need to be dedicated, motivated and prepared for your brain to hurt. But mountain walks, warm watersports, or just relaxing in the sun in your free time? Sure, why not!

Just off the coast of Africa, Gran Canaria has year round sunshine, a growing startup and tech retreat scene and beaches galore. It also has a unique series of ‘micro climates’ that mean there is far more to explore than traditional package holidays to the South of the island. We will be based in the North, where Canarians themselves live and work. And where the cost of living is very low. So what are you waiting for, apply today!

Equally, if you have any questions or want to learn more, you can always drop us a line at team@hackership.org, or even better, say hello in person if you are in Berlin! We’ll be running our taste of Hackership sessions again, where in the course of an evening, you can get a mini experience of what Hackership is like, either as a learner or a Hacker in Residence. Full details are on the Open Tech School Meetup page. These are taking place on:

Friday 31st October @co.up Thursday 6th November @co.up Mon 10th November @co.up

We’ll be updating our website a lot over the coming weeks so stay tuned for announcements and details! More information on our space, and planned local collaborations, to follow.

Bye for now!

Hackership Team

Thanks to Alegri for publishing this lovely picture under Creative Commons.

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