Batch 1: call for coaches

Become an amazing Coach for amazing people

We know from the last batch that running with Hackers-in-Residence is a great model to get into in-depth knowledge. What we didn't anticipate is how much help is required from good Generalists and experienced sparring partners in the day-to-day to ensure people don't get stuck and waste time. Many of those ways of being stuck really aren't about the specific language, framework or technology but just need a more experienced eye to look at and give the right pointers – or a little pair programming here and there. We were definitely too few people in order to help to the degree it was needed during the last batch. In order to avoid this shortage for the next batch, we'd like to invite more people to become permanent volunteer coaches with us. But first we'd like to clarify one thing.

The main reason behind the "no client work"-rule was to avoid having people on hour-long phone conversations at the venue – it's simply too distracting. This rule, however, let people believe that coaches, mentors and hackers-in-residence aren't allowed to be working while being there – though some, including ourselves, have done it at Batch-0. That's why we'd like to clarify that statement and explicitly invite you: if you do or can do freelancing or work remotely, how about hacking from our venue during the batch? We'd provide coffee and soft-drinks (Club Mate, of course), a great atmosphere with amazing people, an office space and such. All we want in exchange is for you to help out the learners if approached or on appointment. Of course you are also invited to join plenty of extracurricular activities and workshops given during this Hackership to socialize and sharpen your own skills.

As soon as we have enough committed coaches, we'd like to pin down the actual dates with them so we can open applications and start marketing the event. So, if you know someone, who might (also) be interested, get them to register, too. And if you'd like helping organizing, please join these conversations about marketing, finding coaches and sponsors on our discourse or let us know in some other way. We are always looking for help.

Interested? Please register here to become a volunteer coach at Batch-1.

Thanks to Juhan Sonin for putting this great shot of Jennifer Patel illustrating an idea for how software should work under Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0.

About the Authors

Benjamin Kampmann

is freelance Software Developer and Product Creator. Aside from helping with the organisation of workshops and events, he is part of the strategic team and author of many of the blueprints. ben at Hackership dot org

Amélie Anglade

is Software Engineer at frestyl and Tech Ambassador of the Berlin Geekettes. For the OpenTechSchool she does public appearances, organises workshops (best known for python) and works at the long- and short-term strategies, such as the launch of Hackership. amelie at Hackership dot org